AIWORK: Everything You Need To Know

The world has seen its fair share of disruptive and game-changing technologies. The internet’s introduction changed how the world accessed information, while mobile phones opened new avenues of communication previously thought impossible. Recently, we have seen the advent of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are powering what industry watchers call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Market data has shown that both technologies are seeing staggering growth, with AI expected to reach a market capitalization of around $118 billion by 2025. Blockchain technology has witnessed similar growth, with several organizations expressing an interest in implementing the technology to improve existing infrastructure.

With the promise both technologies offer, very few companies have had the train of thought to deploy both in tandem to address critical issues in various fields. Today I will talk about one such company that saw the potential combining AI and blockchain offered and deployed them to address long-standing problems in the online video space. This company is none other than AIWORK. 

What Is Blockchain Technology And Artificial Intelligence? 

I must give you a brief idea of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, starting with the former. A blockchain is a secure, immutable, shared ledger that stores data in blocks. Blockchains use cryptography to store data, meaning that all data stored on the blockchain is immutable, and no change can be made to it. Blockchains are primarily used in cryptocurrencies, where they help to keep track of all transactions that have taken place on the network. The publicly available data allows users to verify all transactions, increasing the security of the blockchain. 

On the other hand, artificial intelligence refers to machines using data and machines to mirror and perform tasks that would typically require human intervention. AI also encompasses many fields, including deep learning and machine learning, allowing it to use AI algorithms and data to make accurate predictions and analyses. AI can also learn from the data provided to it, getting better over time. 

How AIWORK Is Using Blockchain And AI

AIWORK is a next-generation blockchain platform that utilizes AI and blockchain technology to address long-standing goals in the online video space. It is built on a consensus network of AI computing resources and a community of human experts that help to generate normalized and enhanced metadata for video content. AI algorithms scan media files to generate transcripts and translations, metadata, time-coded tags, and classification categories while human experts create, verify, and validate data sets. 

The project primarily focuses on the online video space, addressing the issues of unreliable, inconsistent, and poorly indexed metadata that lead to inaccurate content discovery that is detrimental to both creators and viewers. As I mentioned earlier, AIWORK combines AI and human experts. The role of human experts is critical as it acts as a check, ensuring that the AI nodes are working and learning from the datasets provided to them and ensuring that AIWORK continues to improve over time.

Why Is AIWORK Different? 

AIWORK is focused on decentralizing the online video space and giving users control over the content they consume. The use of blockchain technology will help the team at AIWORK to create a dedicated framework for a decentralized network that will deploy AI nodes powered by GPU and CPU resources that scan media files and generate metadata for transcripts, translations, and other classifications. Any user in the AIWORK community can become an AI node if they have the required computational resources. 

Features On Offer 

I do not doubt that AIWORK will significantly improve the online video content space through its many features. 

  • AI and Human Intelligence – AIWORK is perhaps the first and only platform that combines AI and human experts. Human experts can compensate for any shortcomings of AI, enabling the platform to achieve optimum accuracy. 
  • Decentralization – AIWORK ensures decentralization through the use of crowd-sourced computing resources. This also helps the platform manage any sudden surge in demand, ensuring that resources are always available. 
  • ContentGraph – With the growth in video consumption, it is becoming increasingly difficult for video platforms to review, manage, and validate videos uploaded to different platforms, leading to issues around content safety. AIWORK can easily flag and label videos thanks to its ContentGraph, which would reject videos that have a low safety score, while scene-level metadata would define inappropriate scenes for children. Service providers can also use ContentGraph to offer their users content safety filters. 

Current Progress 

On its part, AIWORK has announced a slew of partnerships as it looks to establish its presence in the blockchain and AI space. Recently, the platform’s native token, the AWO, was listed on the MEXC exchange at a minimum listing price of $0.00001. The launch was well received and saw an overwhelming response from the community. Currently, the team is working on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is slated to launch later this year. Interested users can follow the official roadmap on the AIWORK website to keep track of the progress made so far. 

In Closing 

AIWORK is taking a unique approach to solving the problems of the online video space. The use of blockchain allows the platform to create an open network and a decentralized video search engine. This, combined with its trademark ContentGraph and scene-by-scene metadata, would enable advertisers and users to enter the network with greater confidence. Using blockchain technology and AI by AIWORK could completely transform the online video space.



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