Arcade Galaxy Transforms Gaming Experience on Avalanche

Arcade Galaxy Transforms Gaming Experience on Avalanche

Founded in 2022, Arcade Galaxy is the first play-and-earn and build-and-earn kart racing arcade game. Supported by top-tier investors such as Avalanche, Big Brain Holdings, Evernew Capital, and Hypebeast, it offers multiple ways for players to engage as creators, racers, or both. Alongside racing on official maps with customizable, cute cubs, players can design their own maps using an intuitive interface and extensive toolkit, creating unique challenges and themes for everyone, including themselves. 

Over the past two years, Arcade Galaxy has focused on perfecting the game and launched 2,000 Planet NFTs on Avalanche to establish a foundational community. Since mid-2024, the team has hosted various community contests to build the ecosystem, ranging from map creator challenges that incentivize innovation and creativity to map racing contests that thrill players. Their next significant step is the launch of the highly anticipated multiplayer mode in mid-July, promising to elevate real-time excitement and fun. With its social features, players will also be able to connect and interact before taking on the competition. 

At its core, Arcade Galaxy recognizes and rewards those who enhance the game’s enjoyment. Creators and players alike contribute to the game’s continuous growth and diversity by adding user-generated maps, introducing new challenges, or actively participating in community contests. In return, the team consistently showcases the creations and achievements of community members on social media, fostering a culture of sharing and collaboration. 

As a community-centered game, Arcade Galaxy offers multiple ways for creators, players, and NFT holders to participate in upcoming airdrops and earn exclusive in-game items. Beyond community quests, players can earn Arcade Galaxy tokens by hosting tournaments, creating maps, racing, and staking. Each of these actions contributes to the dynamic and interactive nature of the game, ensuring that every participant finds a way to be rewarded for their involvement. Additionally, Arcade Galaxy tears down Web3 entry barriers by partnering with Beam, a Merit Circle DAO development suite. Beam streamlines user account and wallet creation, removing technical hurdles for new players and leveraging Merit Circle’s Play-to-Earn expertise. This collaboration makes the Arcade Galaxy experience accessible to all. 

Arcade Galaxy embraces the possibilities of blockchain technology and continually explores new ways to incorporate it into the gaming experience, taking it to new heights. By crafting a more rewarding and creative environment, Arcade Galaxy appeals to a diverse range of gamersand sets new standards for engagement and creativity, ensuring every player finds value and enjoyment. The game will also be multi-chain, further expanding its reach and potential.










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