Covir is a platform that is designed to fund biosafety projects and licenses using blockchain technology.  1- COVIR Upcoming IEO and Listing with BitForex COVIR is on a quest to to deliver a safe environment for all through the deployment of specially manufactured robots which helps to decontaminate the environment from several airborne diseases which […]

AKODAX: Presenting An All-Inclusive Smart Contract Platform For Stable & Passive Earning

Smart contracts are indeed an icing on the already revolutionary concept of blockchain technology. These pieces of code in the form of agreements and contracts self execute themselves on the occurrence of certain events. There are several advanced smart contracts in the market, but even the most successful ones are troubled with drawbacks. Akodax, a […]

Bitcoin Halving 2020 – Wir erklären was passiert

Knappheit trotz unbegrenzter Liquidität? Warum jetzt ein Bitcoin-Halving stattfindet, obwohl die ganze Welt nach Liquidität und einer Erhöhung der Geldmenge strebt. Warum dieser Prozess jetzt so wichtig ist und warum mehr Geld nicht immer vorteilhaft ist. Um das Ereignis zu verstehen, ist zunächst zu klären, worum es sich beim Bitcoin-Halving handelt. Zunächst ist entscheidend, dass […]

Doch LLC introduces a unique AI algorithm to help traders maximize profits by utilizing crypto volatility

The US-based fintech firm Doch LLC has introduced a unique AI algorithm to help traders and investors reduce risks and maximize profits even in the highly volatile crypto market. There is no denying the fact that trading on financial markets is arguably the most convenient way to invest and earn significant returns. These markets mainly […]

Why can Eunion be used in the global trading system

Eunion is an AI-enabled professional transaction clearing platform. In the traditional financial market, the clearing platform is a clearing system of multi-bank transaction to realize connectivity between the commercial banking system. In the cryptocurrency industry, clearing platform is an important part of the rapid rise. Eunion is an efficient matching engine of Eunion Trade developed […]

The Hotspot for Exclusive Bitcoin News Videos: Crypto Sharks

Blockchain, the most versatile next-generation technology of late, has been deeply affecting the industrial orientations since its very emergence. A decade down the lane and this ingenious technology has already transformed a large segment of the global economic and commercial sectors. Bitcoin was the first best invention with blockchain that turned the world around towards […]

Brexily brings about a revolution in the field of Crypto Exchange

With the growing demand for crypto exchange, users are in search of user-friendly tools to enable secure trading. Brexily offers a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is expected to bring about a revolution in the field of crypto exchange across the globe. With the world moving towards digitalisation and paperless work, cryptocurrency has evolved as the […]


India’s Native Blockchain Protocol Launches Testnet

India’s Native Blockchain Protocol Launches Testnet One of India’s homegrown blockchain convention, Eleven01 propelled their testnet on Tuesday. The testnet is prepared for true use in both open and private outstanding burdens. The eleven01 testnet will give clients an environment to make, distribute, and expand the center blockchain administrations offered through the stage in India. […]