Pando Finance Limited–Hope to provide more different high growth products for Hong Kong investors in the future

Pando Finance Limited, a leading asset management company in Hong Kong, will list two HK SFC-authorized actively managed thematic Exchange Traded Funds “Pando Blockchain ETF (3112 HK)” and “Pando Innovation ETF (3056 HK)” on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) on 8 December 2022 Thursday.

Pando Finance believes blockchain and innovation are the key for long-term growth in portfolio. Pando Finance employs an actively managed investment strategy as Pando Finance believes the market is often inefficient at pricing companies, and the world around us is always surfacing new opportunities. By focusing on understanding new changes in innovations and blockchain technology, it provides us opportunity to exploit this inefficiency to find underappreciated equity of companies.

Pando Blockchain ETF (3112 HK)’s investment objective is to achieve long term capital growth by primarily investing in global equity securities of companies which are involved in blockchain business such as Blockchain technology, Digital asset miners, Blockchain investors, Blockchain service providers and Companies which benefit from the development of blockchain technology.

Pando Innovation ETF (3056 HK) is aim to achieve long term capital growth by primarily investing in global equity securities of companies which are directly or indirectly involved in Innovative Business.

Pando Blockchain ETF (3112 HK) and Pando Innovation ETF (3056 HK) are the first two ETFs managed by Pando Finance. Pando Finance hope to offer more different high-growth potential thematic other new ETF products to Hong Kong investors in the very near future.

Country: Hong Kong

Contact Person: Jen

Telephone: 3891 3288





I’m a Crypto author and Blockchain enthusiast. I have been writing about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Cryptocurrencies for over 5 years. My work has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, CoinDesk, and VentureBeat. I’m also a regular speaker at Blockchain conferences around the world.

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